Manic Over Textiles

I was just wondering.  What gets your heart rate up?  Do you have times when you are excited about life, thrilled to be wherever you are, and just plain joyful?

And, then there’s the time you walk into a fabric store…and giddiness sets in. You suddenly become someone you don’t recognize – animated…arms flailing…wanting to hug the workers there (but restraining).

Is it in the dyes or something?  Sometimes I think I’m manic/depressive, or whatever that condition is called.  (Don’t think the depressive happens long – maybe 5 or 10 minutes every year or two.)

Paisley Print

Does color excite you?

Just one more question.  Do you separate your M-n-M’s into piles of your favorite colors?  Then eat a favorite of each of 3 colors all in one bite?  Didn’t think so.  Just me, I guess.

Red, Blue, Yellow.

Blue, Yellow, Green.

Which combo is my favorite?  Which combo will be my last, most favorite bite?  Always a struggle – decisions, decisions.

Do you want to LIVE in those colors, like I do?  (Oops, another question.)  And even add more colors you love, like light blues and pinky reds.  (No question mark, so that one’s not a question, y’all.)

White Cotton Sheen

And contrast them with some creamy whites!  Shimmery but washable, perfect for Master Bedroom Panels.

While visiting a decorator fabric store last week, I contracted a new condition.

Excitextilia:  (ek-sigh-tex-tillee-ah) >n.  involuntary condition causing overload of the senses resulting in confusion, lack of decisiveness, and/or lack of control.  Sometimes includes but not limited to uncontrollable use of the mouth, as in extra and unnecessary use of words.

And then, another.

Cotton Boll Fabric

Cottonserenia:  (cot-ten-serren-ee-ah) >n.  near or complete lack of motion: undisturbed: accompanied by but not limited to calm and serene feelings of contentment with strong desire for continued state of mind to the point of seemingly hypnotic actions of mindlessly reaching for cash, credit cards, or any form of payment from one’s purse.

Those puffy, white, and slightly elevated cotton bolls set me firmly into cottonserenia, y’all.  Unable to re-order, I bought all they had.  Made me a deal I couldn’t refuse if I bought the remainder of the bolt.  Gulp.

But 40% off!  How could I refuse?  (Sorry, another question.  Must be lingering effects of excitextillia or cottonserenia.)

Probably just gave these window treatment projects the kiss of death by posting about them.  I cannot allow that, given my two contrasting conditions over these fabrics.

I won’t ask it in a question, y’all, so I’ll just tell you a little secret.

Each day…at least once…sometimes twice… I sneak by these textiles for a peak…and to feel the textures.  Ahhhh!



Update:  See these fabrics made into the following projects.


Bedroom Draperies - Phase One

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One (Double Pleat Drapery Panels)

DIY Hobbled Roman Shades

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase Two (Hobbled Shades)

Hobbled Valance

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase Three (Horizontal Pleat Valance)

Kitchen Valances

Kitchen Valance Reveal

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