How to Shop for Thrift Store Fabric Bargains

Have you ever noticed window treatments for sale at a thrift store?  Rarely do they fit your style and window size, much less your room decor colors needed.  However, it is possible to find fabric  at the thrift store for making your own window treatments.  Before you get grossed out by purchasing things from some unknown person, remember:  Lysol spray is your friend!  😉

For starters, go to the section with bedding – bed skirts and spreads, sheets, coverlets, etc.

That is likely the section where you’ll find other things related mixed among them.  We southern women tend to like anything with Magnolias.  This inexpensive piece of fabric could be used for a valance or a table topper or skirt.  Tailored skirts require very little fabric!  (See Tailored Table Skirt – Easy 2-Seam DIY.)

Thrift Store Fabrics

Next is another piece that’s a similar size.  I don’t remember if this is a sheet, but it had a heavier weight than a sheet.  It would be perfect for making a table topper (Corded Table Topper) – or a skirt.   I also see a fresh and clean Ruffled Shower Curtain with this piece.

Thrift Store Fabric Finds

The heavier weight of this piece could be used for a small window treatment (such as a valance), covering a seat cushion (Vanity Stool Update), or for a Gathered Bed Skirt.

Thrift Store Upholstry Fabric

This piece is similar but with a bonus – bullion fringe!

Thrift Store Fabric and Fringe

Any fringe is an awesome find.  This next one is a valance with ball tassel fringe.  If the colors are right for your home, you might be able to adapt the valance.  You can always use it for pillows!  If all else fails, remove the fringe for use later on a pillow (Sew Easy Fringed Pillow) or table topper (Fringed Table Topper DIY) .

Thrift Store Trims

If you don’t like purple curtain panels, the grommets alone are worth more than the price of the panels.  Simply remove and save for later!

Thrift Store Grommet Panels

In the sheet section, this flannel queen size is large enough for a winter-time change for a Body Pillow Sham and/or to make a winter themed Table Cloth With a Professional Finish.  An excellent fabric choice for $3.98!

Thruft Store Table Cloth

These plaids arrived on the market over twenty years ago but are still rather popular.

Thrift Store Decorator FabricThrift Store Plaid Chintz

Diamonds are as timeless as many plaids and stripes.  Great for a girl’s room!

Thrift Store Diamond Print

This one reminded me of a former shower curtain I made for ID Diva’s bathroom.

Thrift Store Flowery Sheet

I nearly brought this next one home.  I’m on a huge orange kick right now.   The price on this Queen flat sheet with two pillow cases was !15.00.  I would have paid that for an entire queen set, but the fitted sheet somehow was separated from the set (and I looked everywhere for it).  The feel of this sheet was a dream!

Thrift Store Diamond Print

I hope you stumble upon a grouping of quilts!  These make wonderful throws, table cloths, and table skirts.  For a skirt, simply throw a quilt over a small table and turn the corners under for a puddled effect.  Use a quilt for a single curtain panel by clipping it to rings spread across a pole and swooping the panel to one side.  It’s so warm and homey!  Charming and easy, too!

Thrift Store Quilts

That about covers it!  Did you get a new idea or two?

I hope you have a fun Halloween tomorrow and give out/eat lots of candy.  😉









12 thoughts on “How to Shop for Thrift Store Fabric Bargains

    • Thank you, friend. Thrift shops in larger cities have some amazing finds sometimes! We had frost here this morning. I hope your cold Monday is happy, too! 🙂

  1. You make a good point. Fabric is easy to “air out” after it leaves the thrift store. I can’t sew, but I know I can buy fabric there and IRON it into a table runner!

  2. What a great thrift store and great ideas you had for us! Can you explain sometime how to successfully remove grommets?

    If you ever take a motorcycle trip to Upstate SC, I will take you to our local fabric mill! It opens to the public once a month with over a million yards of fabric for sale!! Beautiful drapery and upholstery fabrics run around $5/yard. You would go crazy!

    • You are right! I’d be like a fat girl in a candy store. Ha! Unfortunately, we have no plans to be in that area this next year. But you never know what may come up! I’ll try to remember to contact you if we go that way. I’d love to meet you for an outing at such a fabulous place. 🙂

  3. Love the ideas! I am always looking in that area in GoodWill, but lately….so has everybody else and there has not been a thing I liked…except those yellow placemats.
    But I will not stop looking…..

    The grommet idea is great! I wanted some for a shower curtain, and was NOT paying mucho bucks for them!

    I am making my fall shower curtain (finally) with fabric and a great idea I had the other day….I went on Amazon and bought curtain rings (big enough to fit my shower curtain rod) that have clips attached. Now I don’t need to sew button holes or add grommets!!!

    So…that means simple shower curtains for every holiday, every season!
    Party plans are coming along. We have most of the food, just need a handful of things. Just gotta straighten up here and there and WASH THE STINKY DOG! (P.U.!!!!)

    • That’s a great idea for shower curtains! I wonder if the DIY craze has made a higher focus on redoing things from thrift stores. Here here for squeaky clean Quincy! 🙂

  4. I’ve been doing this for years because I quilt with cottons, make crazy quilts with silk (men’s ties), and use wool for hand projects. I’ve collected many heavy-weight drapes to reupholster chairs. And occasionally curtain karma is at its peak and I have actually found really nice curtains to use as curtains. I once bought a woman’s shirt that was covered with beads and removed the beads for another project. And I have bought clothing just for all the fancy buttons. If you’re into a variety of crafts, a thrift store is an exciting place to search for supplies. Lately I’ve found lots of dresser knobs and pulls incredibly cheap so don’t overlook the hardware section of the store.

  5. Kim, You gave us some great ideas! I forget to go to the thrift stores. I can’t seem to get off the computer reading blogs to shop!
    Your post goes along with Decor to Adore’s post. She made a roaring twenties costume from thrift store curtains and a estate sale sari. You would enjoy her blog post. Right down your alley.
    Thanks for the welcome back. I am catching up slowly.

    • Thank you, Bonnie. I’ll have to check out that post. Thanks for sharing. I was Scarlet O’Hara at Halloween one year – with the curtain rod in the rod pocket of the curtain I made as a costume. It was a spoof of the Carol Burnett skit based on the staircase scene in ‘Gone With The Wind’. It was hilariously fun. I always loved Carol Burnett! 🙂

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