5 Time-Saving Tips for Making Window Treatments

Sewing curtains is much like cleaning house.  We don’t necessarily do it because we love the process – but because we love the result – a clean house!  Are you that way, too?

For years, I stitched together window treatments for others.  I squeezed time for sewing between young mom responsibilities.  I crawled out of bed extra early for a couple of stolen sewing hours in the morning and carved away little snippets of sewing time throughout the day.  I made the most of those little blocks of time.  And I mean little!

People often tell me how they wish they could sew, but they don’t have time.  Let’s rid ourselves of that defeatist attitude.  Let’s get creative with our schedules, shall we?

5 Time-Saving Tips

My Top 5 Tips for Making Time for Sewing Window Treatments

Tip #1:

Schedule blocks of time.  Yes, put it on the calendar!  Block out time chunks in the largest blocks you can manage.  (Even small ones are better than nothing, if that’s all you have.)  You won’t know how much you can accomplish in half an hour until you schedule it and work through it.  Try it.  You will be amazed at how much you accomplish in thirty minutes!

Tip #2:

Turn your phone settings to DO NOT DISTURB (DND).  In your phone settings, set a time frame to not be disturbed!  That’s right.  No notifications to distract you.  And, you can still get calls from family and friends who are on your favorites list.  So, if a family member has an emergency, they have access to you during DND.  I love this feature and have a recurring DND for sleep hours every night!  I use it during the daytime for focused work time, too.  Notifications distract, and who needs that?

How to set your phone or DND (Do Not Disturb):


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Do Not Disturb.
  3. Press the “From and To” to enter your start and stop time.
  4. Click the Scheduled Tab to “On”.
  5. Press “Allow Calls From” and choose Everyone, No one, or Favorites.
  6. Turn on the “Repeated Calls” tab if you wish to hear a second call from the same person within three minutes (which might be an emergency).
  7. Under “Silence”, check Always or Only while iPhone is locked.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Sounds and Notifications.
  3. Scroll down to Do Not Disturb and click the title to go to the screen with the different settings.  Turn “Set Schedule” to “ON”.
  4. You can set the start time and end time you desire for your phone to be on Do Not Disturb mode.
  5. You can also allow exceptions for receiving calls from your favorite contacts only by clicking “Allow Exceptions”,  Click “ON”.  Click “Calls and/or messages from”, and a short menu pops up.  Select the “Favorite contacts only” option to allow calls from friends and family in your favorites list to get through when they call (needed for getting emergency calls).  You can also choose to receive other notifications such as text messages by clicking the “Allow exceptions” tab.
  6. Be sure your the tab is turned to “ON” to activate Do Not Disturb mode before leaving the settings screen.

Tip #3:

Be diligent about limiting time on social media.  Set social media time slots in your schedule and stick to them.  Limit time on Facebook and other media time-gobblers.  Get control of your social life!

Tip #4:

Do project mapping.  Map projects in advance in an orderly, step-by-step, sequential manner.

Tip #5:

Begin your project with the end in mind.  Focus on what you’ll enjoy when you finish – how you’ll enjoy your finished project.  It will boost you through the steps to completion and motivate you!


I’m sharing this post at Metamorphosis Monday.

The Good News and the Bad News

I don’t know which part you’ll see as the good news and which part as the bad news.  I’ll just have to let you decide.  It was two weeks ago when I knew I couldn’t go on publishing posts.  I prepared the email to send out with Friday’s post and said I’d be out for a while due to a vision problem – and pretty much left it at that.

I had/have double vision, making it very hard to do anything much in a timely manner.  I’d published all of my pre-written posts during October – except one more tablescape remains.  When I published a post from scratch, it took three days.  Continuing wasn’t an option at that point.

The double vision is caused by a nerve palsy in one eye and is nothing serious.  It should repair itself within six weeks (which is today!) or months  and will heal on its own.  Randomly.  Unpredictably.  We just have to wait.

HH and I are at peace that God will take care of things in His timing.  Thank you all for your prayers!  You continue to be such a blessing to me!

faith-bible-verseImage Source

I do have other issues happening, so I’m trying to get rest, manage pain, and not stress over things while we investigate further (and wait some more).

Rest has been the best thing!  (OK, well, pain medicine can be pretty awesome, too.)  Without blog post schedules looming, I truly got rest.  Complete rest.  And, it was glorious!

As I prayed for God’s direction through the October and early November weeks, I thought maybe He was closing the door to blogging altogether.  I somehow sensed there would be no more tablescapes, diy projects, recipes, or gardening posts.

But, really, Lord…everything?

The thought of leaving you friends saddened me, of course, but I will do as the Lord directs.  I trust Him completely!  I’m committed to whatever He has for me in my fall season of life.  If God said for me to stop blogging, then so be it.  (Although, please know that I would miss you terribly!)

God knows my desire to help women with problems they sometimes face while sewing window treatments or other home decor items.  Immediately following a God session, I received two emails from readers asking for help.  I love that process of helping you work through those things!  God also knows I enjoy your post comments and our conversation most of all.

Then God brought fresh inspiration and promises – partly in a new direction.  And, He blew me away!

Psalm 37.4Image Source

Slow down.  Relax.  I’ve got this.
Keep Curtain Queen Creates, but make it a sewing-only site to support the sewing readers and course members.
Publish sewing posts occasionally when needed as your health improves.  Don’t stress.
Begin a new blog with the blog name I gave you three years ago.  Now’s the time.  Do it with My blessing.

I quickly took a pen to paper as He spilled blog post titles in a list of ten.  I instantly had new topics for this new blog with the title He inspired so long ago (and that I didn’t yet understand).

I painted these words on this old drawer a few years ago, and they stuck like glue!

DIY Drawer Tray

God laid it all out for me, and it was comforting… peaceful…and without time constraints. He placed one post per week  in my heart.  I realized I could do that even now with my eyesight askew.  It will be a slower, more restful pace, and I realize I need that  as I learn to manage my health in the proper way.

I have one final tablescape post for you tomorrow.  It’s a post I prepared in September for Thanksgiving.  🙂  Can it be our celebration of thankfulness for new beginnings?

Embrace This Season

The words that spill out of a paint brush occasionally stick with us for far longer.

I’m so happy for the time we’ve had here at CQC – and for the fun and blessings we’ve shared.  CQC’s future blog look will be leaner with the new focus on sewing home decor specifically.  I realize not everyone will stick around for that, and you shouldn’t if sewing isn’t your thing.  You won’t hurt my feelings if you unsubscribe after tomorrow’s tablescape post.  For those who choose to remain for the sewing posts, I’m very excited about our new streamlined focus.  I hope you are, too.

I’d like to give you all a huge (virtual) hug. – and wish I could for real!

My hope is that you’ll subscribe to receive posts through email at my new blog as we commit to Embrace This Season.  My first blog post there is similar to this post here today – sort of an opening and explanation of origin.  Future posts will include topics that support and encourage women in our fall and winter seasons of life.

I’m looking forward to it and hope you are, too.  Thank you all again.  Very much!  Until tomorrow then?