The Good News and the Bad News

I don’t know which part you’ll see as the good news and which part as the bad news.  I’ll just have to let you decide.  It was two weeks ago when I knew I couldn’t go on publishing posts.  I prepared the email to send out with Friday’s post and said I’d be out for a while due to a vision problem – and pretty much left it at that.

I had/have double vision, making it very hard to do anything much in a timely manner.  I’d published all of my pre-written posts during October – except one more tablescape remains.  When I published a post from scratch, it took three days.  Continuing wasn’t an option at that point.

The double vision is caused by a nerve palsy in one eye and is nothing serious.  It should repair itself within six weeks (which is today!) or months  and will heal on its own.  Randomly.  Unpredictably.  We just have to wait.

HH and I are at peace that God will take care of things in His timing.  Thank you all for your prayers!  You continue to be such a blessing to me!

faith-bible-verseImage Source

I do have other issues happening, so I’m trying to get rest, manage pain, and not stress over things while we investigate further (and wait some more).

Rest has been the best thing!  (OK, well, pain medicine can be pretty awesome, too.)  Without blog post schedules looming, I truly got rest.  Complete rest.  And, it was glorious!

As I prayed for God’s direction through the October and early November weeks, I thought maybe He was closing the door to blogging altogether.  I somehow sensed there would be no more tablescapes, diy projects, recipes, or gardening posts.

But, really, Lord…everything?

The thought of leaving you friends saddened me, of course, but I will do as the Lord directs.  I trust Him completely!  I’m committed to whatever He has for me in my fall season of life.  If God said for me to stop blogging, then so be it.  (Although, please know that I would miss you terribly!)

God knows my desire to help women with problems they sometimes face while sewing window treatments or other home decor items.  Immediately following a God session, I received two emails from readers asking for help.  I love that process of helping you work through those things!  God also knows I enjoy your post comments and our conversation most of all.

Then God brought fresh inspiration and promises – partly in a new direction.  And, He blew me away!

Psalm 37.4Image Source

Slow down.  Relax.  I’ve got this.
Keep Curtain Queen Creates, but make it a sewing-only site to support the sewing readers and course members.
Publish sewing posts occasionally when needed as your health improves.  Don’t stress.
Begin a new blog with the blog name I gave you three years ago.  Now’s the time.  Do it with My blessing.

I quickly took a pen to paper as He spilled blog post titles in a list of ten.  I instantly had new topics for this new blog with the title He inspired so long ago (and that I didn’t yet understand).

I painted these words on this old drawer a few years ago, and they stuck like glue!

DIY Drawer Tray

God laid it all out for me, and it was comforting… peaceful…and without time constraints. He placed one post per week  in my heart.  I realized I could do that even now with my eyesight askew.  It will be a slower, more restful pace, and I realize I need that  as I learn to manage my health in the proper way.

I have one final tablescape post for you tomorrow.  It’s a post I prepared in September for Thanksgiving.  🙂  Can it be our celebration of thankfulness for new beginnings?

Embrace This Season

The words that spill out of a paint brush occasionally stick with us for far longer.

I’m so happy for the time we’ve had here at CQC – and for the fun and blessings we’ve shared.  CQC’s future blog look will be leaner with the new focus on sewing home decor specifically.  I realize not everyone will stick around for that, and you shouldn’t if sewing isn’t your thing.  You won’t hurt my feelings if you unsubscribe after tomorrow’s tablescape post.  For those who choose to remain for the sewing posts, I’m very excited about our new streamlined focus.  I hope you are, too.

I’d like to give you all a huge (virtual) hug. – and wish I could for real!

My hope is that you’ll subscribe to receive posts through email at my new blog as we commit to Embrace This Season.  My first blog post there is similar to this post here today – sort of an opening and explanation of origin.  Future posts will include topics that support and encourage women in our fall and winter seasons of life.

I’m looking forward to it and hope you are, too.  Thank you all again.  Very much!  Until tomorrow then?








38 thoughts on “The Good News and the Bad News

  1. I have been thinking and worrying about you Kim as I had no idea what was going on…thank you for sharing and opening up your heart, explaining and outlining your new path…I am so happy your faith has given you so much strength and a new direction. I pray that your situation improves, and rest is so important, and so rare in today’s fast paced world. Of course I will continue to follow along and check on you!

  2. Good Morning Kim and God Bless YOU…..I can relate with vision problems. Yesterday, I spent over 15 minutes trying to thread the needle on my machine. I couldn’t find the eye with a needle threader….ha! But, finally it threaded. Should have changed from a size 9 to a 12 or 14. Didn’t need that small size in my next project but, just didn’t think……Yes, time heals. Nancy

    • Thank you, Nancy. I cannot imagine threading a needle right now! You are tenacious in your quest for sewing! If I ever buy another sewing machine, it will have a threader mechanism on the machine itself! I’m glad you got yours threaded! 🙂

  3. I can identify since I have fibromyalgia (for about 40 years). My faith has comforted me too. I’ve learned to take each day as it comes and have had to educate my family and friends that I may have to cancel plans at the last minute. I’ve lost all of my friends and only have the daughter who lives with me for emotional support. Even so, God is my comfort. Please keep me subscribed to your new blog. I know this all seems overwhelming right now but just listen to your heart, put one foot in front of the other, and keep going.

    • I’m so sorry to hear all you’ve been through! Thank you for sharing your trial – and for your encouragement in mine. The new blog is “moving forward” to follow God’s leading. He says when we’re done, not anyone else! 🙂

  4. this is good news! Will miss your current blog but you need to take care of your health and more importantly do God’s will… Blessings on you Kim

  5. Well, dadgum it! This isn’t good! The part about the eye palsy and questionable other health issues. Geez Louise! Not what I expected (as I’m sure YOU didn’t either!). Your physical health is without question the most important. Running a VERY close second is your mental well-being. So if you’re not ready to leave blogging altogether, a compromise of one post a week (all I do anyway!) is certainly in order to maintain a degree of mental happiness that will also help your physical state. The new blog sounds like an exciting and cathartic way to work through life, too! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the ickies. I’m asking God right now to please relieve you and give you the strength needed to embark on new journeys. I hope relief for the palsy comes sooner than later and that the answers to your other health questions are all positive.

  6. Hi Kim- sorry this vision issue has come up. I do pray for you that it will heel and you can get back to a more normal state with your vision. As time goes on perhaps you’ll feel more up to doing the other aspects of blogging that you’ve enjoyed. Keep relaxing and enjoy the seasons coming up. Big hugs, Liz

  7. My dearest Kim, you have been in my heart and prayers. Although we have never met except through your blog, I feel like we have become friends across the miles. I had wanted to contact and check on you, but also wanted to respect your privacy. I love home sewing, so I will eagerly be reading this new path God has put you on!

    You have been so supportive of me during my accident recovery, which you will never know how much that means. I don’t know if I told you I fell at church. When I was crying to my minister how did God let this happen to me, he told me
    God has a plan for everything. Now that I am making rapid progress, I am eager to see what that plan is. For sure, we both are blessed to have loving families and friends. Hugs across the miles!

    • Yes! Amen to all of that! If I never get to meet you here on earth, I look forward to meeting you in Heaven. (I jut hope my name recall improves after crossing over. Ha!) I’m so encouraged by your recovery, and I love knowing you are driving again. I look forward to the same – soon, I hope. Thanks ever so much for your prayers! 🙂

  8. Kim,
    I’m so sorry to hear what all you’re going through. My prayers are with you that all will be well. I so much appreciate all the time you have put in to inspiring us all, and have really enjoyed your posts. I will miss them, and especially your Sunday devotional.
    Take care, be well,
    With sincere gratitude,

    • Thank you, Penny. You’ve always been so kind to comment on Sunday posts. (It helps me know someone’s reading.) I expect that every post at “Embrace This Season” will have God included, so Sunday will be in every post. 🙂

  9. Kim, I am glad your eye problems are better and can expect to heal. I hope the other problems can be resolved, also. I have prayed for you. Rest is very important and God planned that long ago.
    I believe you have worked through what is the best plan for you in the right way. Blogging even once a week is difficult for me. I feel pressured most of the time. Life is full: there are weddings to attend, bridal parties to hostess and attend, funerals come often and keeping up with local friends takes time. Not to mention, family time is precious.
    Your new blog sounds very good and I am heading there right now.
    Blogging is wonderful but should not consume our lives.

    • Thank you for praying, Bonnie. I know you understand, and that’s encouraging. This slower pace will allow time for all those things you mentioned. I’m sure I’ll miss my blogging friends that may not stop by as often. But that’s OK! God blesses us with the friends we need, virtual or otherwise. You have been a blessing! 🙂

  10. Kim, my dear friend, I am praying for you and have been so concerned. I am thrilled to read that your eye problem is getting better. Your faith and trust in God has made a very hard situation an opportunity to gain new perspective and discover a new ministry! Isn’t God so good to open up ministry to us in the midst of loss? Of course, I will be following your new blog even though I don’t sew! I love keeping up with you and I am excited to see how God will use all of this for His glory! Sending my love and virtual hugs!

    • Thank you, Pam. Yes, giving up these things is a little scary, but I know God has it right. The new blog will be fun, and I won’t be decorating or taking pictures in every room in the house anymore. (The sewing room will be easier to maintain on its own.) And, yes the new blog is a new ministry that I’m excited about in our “growing older gracrfully” years. God is so good to give us purpose in life! Hugs back to you!! 🙂

  11. You posted my fave scripture verse….Ps 37:4
    (I typed 34:7 and was thinking, “That’s not right, is it?” AGE? Stress? Idunno. LOL)
    We sometimes take for granted the simple things….like SEEING, etc.
    Aren’t you glad you know the Lord? Can you imagine going through these health issues WITHOUT him? I sure can’t. We keep you in our prayers.

    I’m looking forward to your new adventure! And I will still be checking out this ole girl….CQC. Aren’t you glad you know to listen to what God is telling you to do? It makes life so much easier. I know I got tired of having to learn lessons over and over again (and being HURT over and over!) out of my own stubbornness. LOL

    I know you like to hear from Quincy….he says hello. He said tell Dorothy and Sir Winston he says RUFF. Monday he tried to jump onto the couch like he does ten times a day….and something happened. His “jumper” wouldn’t work. He was obviously hurt. He couldn’t get comfortable laying. Then his left back leg was acting weird. Took him to the vet last night….slipped disc. His brain can’t communicate to the leg properly. He can barely walk. He can’t sit. He has a hard time going to the bathroom because he can’t squat right and he can’t use that leg to lean on like he always does (he is a righty leg lifter). He is on anti-inflammatory meds and also a muscle relaxer. The muscle relaxer is supposed to make him groggy. He is NOT. He seems to be agitated and he was panting. That was the 1st dose so we shall see how he does as the day goes on. I am going to look up holistic ways to help him cuz I know how drugs do me…… awful side effects.

    And of course he needs meds at the time we are supposed to be AT CHURCH tonight. (Somebody may have to stay home.) Last week I stayed home because of belly issues. No more avocados for me. It seems I have a sensitivity now. They give me horrible pains about 10 minutes after I start eating the smoothie. ( I checked all the other ingredients and it was NOT them doing it,) And I also now seem to have an oral cashew and peanut allergy. I get a scratchy throat. And almonds may have been the cause of my strange chest congestion. So THEY are out, too. Doc appt Friday to discuss all this new junk. Q goes back to the vet Tuesday night. Hopefully the disc slips back in. If not he needs an x-ray. An x-ray would cost $250 ad we don’t have 2 dimes to rub together let alone $250. Then there would be other ways to help him…all very expensive. God knows we just don’t have the money for all of that so we have to TRUST HIM to take care of it all.

    I learned a hard lesson….don’t let the dog jump on/off furniture! And dogs that are even the SLIGHTEST bit overweight have a greater chance of injury. Poor poor chunky Q ….he just looks at me like “Mommy.Help.”

    Girlfriend….We will ALL get through these health issues with God’s help!!! He is good. AAAAAALL the time! (I’m preaching to MYSELF cuz I need it. lol)

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Robin. Poor Quincy! My first thought was, “Oh, no! He broke a hip!” But I guess a slipped disc is just as bad(?) I hope you find a way to keep the cost down. You don’t need that worry, too! Worry is more toxic than food, sometimes. (Or so I hear.)

      • You are right there! I’m married to Mr “God’s got this” so I have learned to stop worrying by watching his awesome example. I prepare for the worst and expect the best. Ya gotta be prepared. There is a big difference in being prepared and worrying. Worrying used to make me physically sick and anxious. Now I just voice my issues to God, research my options, and then wait for his answer.

        As far as Q is concerned, I’m not liking these meds. I know the side effects for his gut and I see how he is more restless than restING so that is a double reason to ditch them. We r going to make a holistic muscle relaxer (valerian tincture) and an anti-inflammatory, either turmeric or liposomal vitamin c. I was SUPPOSED to make the C for US, so I am looking at it as a “ Hello lady! I’m talking to you” moment. Lol. I have been a slug about a lot since being bombarded with more issues and worse car accident injury pain. Time to Un-slug! I have to remind myself that that is THE ENEMY trying to keep me from our upcoming blessings! Can’t get the blessings if we don’t get this basement done and organized! Stinkin’ enemy he is. Lol. I have to head over to Amazon today to get what I need. I may shy away from the turmeric paste remedy because Q will have a yellow beard! That would be a sight! Hahaha! I can Oxy the yellow out of my clothes but NOT the dog! Lol

  12. Prayers for you, my dear. I will miss you if you need to sign off but please know that your posts have brightened my days-each and every time!
    I have fibromyalgia that took a year to diagnose so I understand the uncertainty and anxiety that undiagnosed medical conditions cause. I pray that you get answers asap so you can deal with it and move forward. Please keep in touch with us all! We care about you.

    • Thank you very much, Meghan! I hope to stay active enough here at CQC to keep everyone’s interest (at least occasionally). Readers at the new site “Embrace This Season” will definitely hear from me more regularly since all I’ll need to do is write. No projects necessary or editing pictures – that sort o thing. I’m getting the sense that suto-immune diseases can be a bear! I appreciate your prayers and encouragement very much. 🙂

  13. I understand how an illness changes the course of your life. May your next journey be fantastic. I found this blog today, please realize that I am giggling because this is the third or forth blog that this has happened to.

    I look forward to reading through the blog though and wish you peace and joy.

  14. Well, this makes me sad. I don’t comment much, but have faithfully followed your tablescapes for a couple of years now. I will truly miss your ideas and creativity here. I can barely sew a button, so I do really admire that talent, and wish you success in the new blog. Prayers for healing and health!

  15. So sorry for your health issues but so excited to see how God, in His amazing sovereignty, has shown you the way. I’m thrilled about your new endeavor and look forward to learning new things from your posts. May God keep you in the palm of His huge hand as you bless all of us.

  16. Kim, I have been absent from blogging the past couple of weeks, and I just saw this. I am so sorry that you have been going through such difficult times. You must take care of yourself. I know you love blogging, but your health comes first. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, and I hope that you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.

    • Thank you for your prayers. I do love blogging, but getting healthier is at the fore front of everything right now. I hope you and your family enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving, too! 🙂

  17. I’m so sorry to learn that you’re having vision issues. Praying now that God heals and restores your vision quickly (and all the other unnamed issues). In the meantime, embrace the waiting, we both know that God does a lot of work in the waiting. Looking forward to your new chapter, er blog and a bit excited for you, sweet friend! [[hugs]]

    • Thank you, my sweet friend. God has brought such peace right now. It’s amazing, really. No matter the outcome, we trust Him in all things, good or bad. He brings blessings every day. You know. Merry Christmas!

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